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Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Coast Residential Relocation affiliated with a specific broker?

North Coast Residential Relocation is independently licensed, and has access to the finest brokers and agents in the city. Because we have no exclusive affiliation, we can select the best agent, regardless of broker affiliation, based on the agent’s areas of expertise and proven track record.  We work with our network of brokers in northern Ohio and across the country to help with primary residences, vacation homes, and parents' homes in other states.

Would I have a better experience using North Coast Residential Relocation?

Absolutely yes!  We listen to you, and we provide counsel prior to placing your property on the market. We work with you to identify your wants and needs early in the process, and then we select the best agents and service providers. Our network of professionals includes the best professional real estate agents, mortgage and title specialists, attorneys, financial planners, and movers of household goods who share our vision of excellent customer service. They are dedicated to the highest professional standards, and to developing and maintaining permanent relationships with our clients. Given these advantages, buying and selling a house can become a fun experience.

Statistics show that new agents entering the real estate business have a 33% turnover, and 20% of licensed agents produce 80% of the business. Working through North Coast Residential Relocation will assure that you will work with an agent who is among the best of the best, and that you will have a superior experience.

How can North Coast Residential Relocation provide no cost services? How do they get paid?

We can provide our specialized service at no cost to the consumer because we can receive a referral fee from the real estate broker we assign. This is a usual and customary practice between brokers, and between relocation companies and brokerages.

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